GILA! Lelaki di atas menunjukkan KEMALUANNYA kepada seorang gadis yang menaiki LRT dari Sri Petaling sebelum turun di Stesen Chan Sow Lin. Awas, kaum hawa! Jika berhadapan dengan situasi di atas, sila maklumkan kepada pihak bertugas di stesen LRT atau orang berada berdekatan dengan anda. Saya petik:
[DC] Girls, beware. There is a flasher on the prowl on the Star LRT, a student told The Daily Chilli.
The brazen pharmacy student, who took a snapshot of the alleged flasher, said the man flashed his genitals at her when he sat opposite her in an LRT coach.
The incident occurred last Monday when she boarded the LRT at the Sri Petaling station to go home from college at around 8pm.
She sat at the side of the coach while the man took the seat opposite her.
She did not take much notice of the man until she noticed something jutting out of his crotch. That was when she spotted his sex organ which was exposed through a hole in his pants.
“I was really shocked when I realised what it was but I was unable to react,” she said, adding she was really tired that day.
“I acted like nothing happened but I went on to SMS a friend, but he did not reply,” said the student.
Strangely enough, the alleged flasher “closed his legs” and blocked his genitals with his umbrella when another female passenger sat next to her, the student claimed.
“Maybe he was afraid she would shout,” she reasoned.
“But that pervert was still facing me, so I decided to take a picture with my handphone. I think he knew I saw his private parts. Luckily, I managed to get a picture before getting out of the LRT at the Chan Sow Lin station,” the student said.
“The incident occurred in just about 5 – 6 minutes and there were quite a number of people on board the LRT. But I’m not sure if anyone else noticed,” she added... Fiona Ho


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