Cik Lee & Nik

Cik Lee and Nik

14 06 2009


Tok Guru called him Cik Lee and he called Tok Guru, as Nik. Cik Lee told Nik, this is his first visit to Kelantan. Nik told Cik Lee, he respected Singapore for its stands against corruption and its cleanliness. It is Islamic!



Cik Lee and Nik spent almost 75 minutes in a closed-door meeting at the MB’s office in Kota Darul Naim.

Republic of Singapore Education Minister and Finance Minister accompany Cik Lee. During the greeting session when the media corps where allowed inside, Cik Lee chats with Nik in Malay Language.


Later, after lunch, State Exco for Economic Planning, Finance and Welfare, Husam Musa and Cik Lee held a private discussion in a hotel here in KB. Afterwards Cik Lee and his entourage went for sightseeing in Kota Bharu under very minimal security.

Cik Lee is schedule to leave for Kuantan later tonight.


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