Qiadah, if she is a woman, she must be such a lovely lady. Although she is not a woman, she has been my wife for the last few weeks. She is the reason why I am not able to update this blog and also not able to answer those phone calls or reply those sms-es. She is my day and night.

Well, Kelantan Chief Minister Incorporated (PMBK) has published her first corporate magazine and has been dubbed as the first such magazine produced in Kelantan. The one-hundred pages magazine features everything about Kelantan and mostly captures those things that exclusively belong to Kelantan.

This magazine is named Qiadah by Tok Guru Nik Aziz. You can get your free personal copy of Qiadah from any prominent hotels in Kota Bharu. Qiadah will also be distributed in selected Malaysian and foreign embassies, libraries, museums and tourist centres.

For loyal readers of Kickdefella whom yet to be in Qiadah mailing list, please email your complete mailing address to Qiadah will be sent to you via airmail, no matter in which continent you are. For those who would love to help distribute or advertise your business, products and services in Qiadah please call Mr. Zaidi Hj Abdullah at +609 744 6800. Qiadah is a quarterly publication, published by Kelantan Chief Minister Incorporated and produced by Global Media Channel Sdn Bhd.

(Kepada pembaca dppwm yang belum mendaftar untuk menerima majalah Qiadah, sila email alamat surat menyurat anda kepada Qiadah akan diposkan kepada anda tanpa mengira dimana anda berada).


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