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nota - umno permatang pauh sudah tolak YB Arif Shah, manakala Tan Sri Arif Shah di rundung pelbagai kemalangan korporat.... ......... ....

- perihal sebenarnya, Ah Long masih tetap berleluasa dan terpelihara. Gendang seloka CTOS hanya adalah kerana Datuk M Kaveyas akan terjejas menjelang PRU mendatang kerana Maybank ada kes terhadap hutang lapuk beliau berjumlah berjuta ringgit. Begitu juga ramai lagi angkatan Khairi yang terjejas kerana CTOS.


Wednesday July 25, 2007

Young grad fears for his life
BUTTERWORTH: A young graduate has been saddled with a debts amounting to RM100,000 after taking loans from several Ah Longs to start an IT business.
However, his business did not do well and the Ah Longs started to hound him.
Fearing for his life and future, the young entrepreneur approached Seberang Jaya assemblyman Arif Shah Omar Shah for help.
Arif Shah had to ask a senior police officer at the Penang police headquarters to help solve the young man’s problem.
“The Ah Longs agreed to defer action against the man and even offered a 50% discount on the outstanding amount,” he said during an interview here yesterday.
The incident was one of the many problems that Arif Shah has to face when dealing with his constituents.
He said, on average, he received between 35 and 40 complaints from his constituents daily and among them involved thugs, Ah Longs and triad members.
“I have to also build a good rapport with the wrong side of the society in order to solve my constituents’ problems.
“Some of the complaints were life threatening and I have no choice but to help them. They have no one to turn to and sought my help as their lives were at stake.
“Thank God these people know me and I manage to resolve their woes,” he added.
Similarly, he said, there were also times when these thugs and triad members sought his help when they were involved with the long arm of the law.
“My two service centres in Jalan Siakap and Taman Permatang Pauh have received over 15,000 complaints since I became state assemblyman in March, 2004.
“With too many complaints to handle,
I hired 14 full-time staff, including a Chi-
nese and an Indian, and introduced a Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) to monitor the progress of each complaint we received.
“My service centres were also awarded with ISO9001/2000 in January, 2005, for having a systematic SOP.
“Each of my staff is assigned with a
portfolio and we hold a mini-Cabinet
meeting fortnightly to discuss local issues and grouses from my constituents,” he added.
Arif Shah was named the best Penang state assemblyman during the Penang Indian Entrepreneurs’ 10th anniversary celebration last February.
He said his house in Seberang Jaya and the two service centres were equipped with Wi-Fi broadband service to enable him to monitor his staff and happenings in his constituency from a palm top computer even if he is overseas.


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